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With fashion week nearly upon us, the model circus is back. But this year, the controversy is not about why there are so few black, high fashion models, instead, it’s all about the boys.

Earlier this month, male model David Gangy, complained that male models were treated as the ‘lowest of the low’ thanks to their portrayal in comedy Zoolander. He says that in the scheme of things, even the asistants on the shoot are treated with more respect than the male model. Boo hoo! It must be dreadful, to get paid to wear beautiful clothes and travel the world.

At the time I thought Gandy was an idiot. But then I saw images of Andej Pejic, (the guy on the right) an Australian male model, modeling, of all things, women’s wear, specifically a wedding dress for Jean Paul Gaultier. While I have to admit, he makes a pretty good looking lady, it did get me thinking.Perhaps the fashion industry does exploit male models for publicity or attention? Surely there would have been a female model who could have done the job just as well if not better.

Then I heard the story of the transsexual who will star in Brazil’s fashion week, Lea T. will walk for Givenchy, and will definitely be one of the most photographed models at the event. The fact that I even know she is a transsexual highlights how desperate the fashion industry is for controversy. Otherwise, why does it even matter if she was born as a boy or a girl?

It seems to me, that the fashion industry is all about creating a buzz, and to do that they need to create controversy. Any controversy. A few years ago it was all about why are all “America’s Next Top Model,” and this year it seems, the fashion  industry is determined to make us take notice of them with androgynous models.

I guess it’s working.

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