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Last Tuesday, I had the privilege of watching Texas Supreme Court Chief Justice Wallace Jefferson swear-in the newly elected and re-elected Senators. The 2011 Texas Legislative Session has begun.

Why was I there? Two reasons.

1.) Senator Jeff Wentworth invited me to be on the Senate floor when he was sworn in. Thanks, Jeff.

2.) It’s my job.

As the Christian Science Committee on Publication for Texas, it’s my job to keep misinformation in check.

Misconceptions block the public from gaining a true picture of Christian Science, a system of healing and living that has been effective in the lives of Texans for the past 130 years. (see examples of healing) Nothing should prevent Texans from accepting, appreciating, and being able to practice Christian Science.

After the swearing-in, Governor Rick Perry, speaking about emergency items needing immediate action, said, “..they relate to the safety and security of our citizens. But, most of all, they relate to our liberty.”

One liberty we Texans have always enjoyed is having a choice of health care. We’ve had a voice in saying what works best for each of us. In my work this session, I will try to be a voice for all those who would turn to Christian Science and all responsible spiritual health care. My work is not just for Christian Scientists, but for every Texan.

One system or model of care has never monopolized this great State. Each citizen has had a voice, a choice of which form of effective care they wish to utilize.

Therefore, if upcoming legislation creates a State health insurance exchange, let’s make sure responsible spiritual health care is not left out. A State health insurance exchange should guarantee that health insurance plans provide benefits for spiritual care.

Let’s never leave spiritual health care out of the discussion. Texans cherish liberty, choice and a voice.

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Posted by Keith Wommack at January 18, 2011 09:03 AM