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TIA MOWRY, the 32-year-old actress who is currently starring in the fourth season of drama series ‘The Game’, has announced that she is pregnant with her first child, reports US Weekly Magazine. The actress has been married to CORY HARDRICT for two years and the couple said they were “excited to be parents” after revealing the news.

Mowry, who is perhaps best known for starring alongside her twin sister TAMERA MOWRY in the 90’s sitcom ‘Sister, Sister’, is due to give birth in the summer and in a joint statement she and Hardrict said, “We are both so excited to be parents. We have been wanting this a long time!” It has been reported that ‘The Style Network’ are looking to film a documentary following Mowry through her pregnancy which is likely to be aired later in the year. In a Twitter message to her husband yesterday (12th January 2011), Mowry wrote, “u r my rock and my hope. U help make me better and together we are a movement. I luv u with my every being!!”

‘The Game’ returned to screens on Tuesday (11th January 2011) to an audience of just over 7-million. Produced by Frasier star KELSEY GRAMMER, the show follows the story of Mowry’s character Melanie Barnett who decides to turn down an offer to one of the country’s most prestigious medical schools instead favouring to join her boyfriend in San Diego.