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The world is technically still in shock as we mourn the loss of one the music industry’s most talented singer/songwriters and musicians – the late Teena Marie, who made transition just a few short weeks ago the day after Christmas.

Many of the world’s biggest names began to share with us their memories and special moments with the iconic entertainer who has given us decades of great soul, R&B and funk. Although we’ve lost her in the flesh, we will continue to hold onto the beautiful music that she blessed us with.

Check out this glimpse into our family photo album featuring Teena Marie pictured with a few celebrities, artists, actors and fellow entertainers who love her and miss her just as much as we do. Can you spot anyone you know?

If you have musical memories of your own to share related to Teena Marie and her catalog of music, feel free to do so at anytime by posting on the message board below.


Will there ever be another Teena Marie? Who’s next in line to take on the soul and funk Teena Marie gave us? What’s your favorite Teena Marie jammin’ oldie, but goodie? What will you miss most about Teena Marie?

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