On Black Friday, most people wait in lines for hours to take advantage of huge savings.

For one Michigan couple, they did something even more important while standing in line.

Call it a white wedding while in line for Black Friday.

“Everybody said you are getting married at Best Buy, in line? For real? Yup that fits you,” said new groom Edward Burbo.

The newly betrothed Jennifer and Edward Burbo are big bargain hunters.

They wanted a big wedding but couldn’t afford it.

“We are saving money standing in line for Black Friday and we’re not really spending much on the wedding,” said Jennifer.

The Burbo’s need gifts for their blended family, 4 kids between age 8 and 13 and they can�t afford to pay full price.

“So we said we are here looking for deals on Black Friday. Let’s have a wedding doing the same thing,” Edward said.

The couple met online in November 2007.

Days later in line together for their first Black Friday.

The Burbos planned the ceremony just two weeks ago.

For two days they camped just to be first in line.

An outside the box wedding outside a big box store.

Jennifer insisted on some tradition.

Something borrowed, blue, old and new, a winter white dress.

Other deal seekers became well-wishers.

They fell for each other while trying to save a few dollars. Now they say the best things in life are free.