In this article I might be stepping out of my field but this is what I have seen within myself and with people that have achieved complete health and wellness. My goal today is to address the major road block that keeps us from taking control of our health. Everyone can eat right, and workout. The acts themselves are no problem. The issue is what keeps us from doing these things. Is someone telling us not to? Is someone holding a gun to our heads? Obviously no, we keep ourselves from being the best we can be. Our mental approach(or mental block) to life is what kills us. Remember what your parents said “you can be whatever you set your mind too”. It seems society is constantly trying to put an end to that saying. The work place is like a mafia flick. Everyone is out for themselves stepping over whomever necessary to get to the top. Being lied to, straight to your face is the norm. The family is torn apart. Parents and kids spend more time with the TV then with each other. Even the church isn’t the same(generally speaking). God’s word is third on the list. 1. Money 2. Whatever is hot 3. The word. I like to call this corporate christianity. With all this working against us it’s easy to see how we can lose focus on what’s really important.

I think we need to get back to basics and it starts at home. We must bring the family back together. Which starts by TURNING OFF THE DUMBDOWN BOX/TV. Television today is mindless, without morals, selfish television. We went from the Cosby Show to those ridiculous VH-1 reality TV shows, which teach ….forget everyone else I’m looking out for ME. This destroys the love of humanity which is naturally in all of us.We also need to bring God back into the home. Read the word as a family, eat together, just spend time together and COMMUNICATE. Work is a challenge, there’s so much we can’t control. I recommend doing your best to leave work at work. I know it’s not that easy just always make the effort. Resilience is also important at work, don’t let the drama get you down do your best to keep your head up and stay positive. Finally make sure you have quiet time just for yourself.

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