By Tarvenia Jones November 19, 2009 10:00 am


“Do not withhold good from those who deserve it, when it is in your power to act.” – Proverbs 3:27

“The Jesus in me loves the Jesus in you. The Jesus in me loves the Jesus in you. So easyyyyyy…So easy to love.” We sing this song at my church when we fellowship with each other. We all get up and go and shake hands and say hello and give hugs to other members and congregants. It’s a pleasant way to say hello, right? Ur ra ta…I just have one little bitty, tiny little problem with it. Is it true? Do we really love each other? Chile Please!

Here’s my deal. I’m here to provide a little comic relief. Everyone won’t agree with it. Nor will everyone find my style of comedy funny. But one thing you will never have to worry about is if I’m gonna express myself fully. I just get a little confused by some of the people I like to call the “super duper spiritual” saints. They say all the right things. They can speak in tongues on demand. Ra tum ebay ba la shumba….It’s really amazing. They serve and walk around with earpieces in their ears.

I have no problem with any of this. But I do have issue when a brother or sister in Christ is in need and the super saint starts to pray in tongues over the one in need instead of just straight up helping the brother or sister out. Seriously, I wanna know how a Shabach Shumbala, Dela Hoya bosha is gonna help a brother or sister who needs a little extra cash to feed their family? Now look, before all of you who have the gift of tongues jump down my throat, I want you to think about it and really ask yourselves, how does the person in need benefit at that moment?

I know a brother who really needed a hand just to get through the month and then he would be okay because he was working again and his paychecks were going to start rolling in. He went to the folks at church and they said, “Brother I will pray for you.” Huh???? The bible I read shows me my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ actually doing something when someone is in need. He was feeding folks by the thousands. He was helping people party at a wedding with some good fire water. Jesus was the business! Now aren’t we supposed to follow suit? And yes, I helped him out. I’m no super saint, but I’m no hypocrite either. Chile Please!

Super saints drive me nuts when you confess a sin to them and they react like you got the bubonic plague and any minute you’re gonna give it to them like the H1N1 or something! I confessed a sin once to a sister. I told her this particular sin is something I struggle with. Do you know what her response was? “Ewwwwww.” I said “Heffa, what do you mean ‘Ewwww?’” I was like so what, you don’t sin or something? Of course she sins. We all fall short. We ALL miss the mark. But just like our high pitched sangin’ brother Donnie McClurkin said in that song e’rybody and they mama was singing at one point: “We fall down but we get up.” So everyone let’s stop being super saints and be helpful saints. Besides, you never know when you’ll need a little help yourself. Chile Please!

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