What a cat-astrophe!

A ferocious feline turned her owners into a pair of scaredy cats in their Midtown apartment yesterday, holding them hostage at claw-point until the cops came to their rescue.

Rosa Davila and her son, Victor Marte, 27, cowered behind a bedroom door at their pad on West 42nd Street about a half an hour while the raging Russian blue held them at bay.

The fur began flying shortly after 3 p.m. when 16-pound Carmen, who was suffering from health problems, launched herself at the unsuspecting Marte.

“All of a sudden Carmen got violent and started making strange noises,” a tearful Davila told The Post after the hair-raising incident.

“I yelled, ‘Carmen! Calm down!’ I wanted her to jump off, but then she started attacking my son. I was in shock — I was very scared for my son.”

Davila and her son made a dash for it, but the 10-year-old Carmen gave chase, hissing all the way.

Marte managed to scramble back into the bedroom to safety, leaving his mother to tame the beast.

Davila then tried to herd the cat into the bathroom, but she wouldn’t go, so she sprinted for the bedroom, slammed the door shut and called 911.

With Carmen still screeching outside, Davila said she told the operator that her cat was attacking her son and they needed help.

Twenty-five minutes later, rescuers pulled up to the building near Dyer Avenue, she said.

“I thought we’d show up and there’d be a bobcat or something in there,” said one responding officer.

But instead of a wild animal, they found the furious furball.

Using a stick, they were able to quickly corral her into a cat carrier, ending the dramatic standoff.

“I was surprised to see so many police — like it was for a tiger,” Davila said, weeping as she recounted the attack, which left her son with scratches to his legs.

“I was so surprised because I knew she was moody, but this just doesn’t make sense,” she said.

Carmen began acting strangely a few months ago, wanting food “every five minutes” and gaining weight, she said.

The vet diagnosed the animal as a borderline diabetic with a thyroid condition.

But Davila was unable to afford treatment, so Carmen just kept eating.

Police took the cat to the Manhattan Animal Care and Control Center, where she will be held for 10 days.

Depending on her health and behavior, she may be available for adoption thereafter, since a heartbroken Davila said she can’t afford to pay for Carmen’s diabetes treatment.

“I just don’t want people to think she’s a bad cat,” she said. “I think she just had a reaction to her medical condition.”


via: Daily Intel

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