Looks like our Texans have big decisions to make! (From The website).

Texans chairman and CEO Bob McNair was a guest on “Inside the Game” tonight on ABC Channel 13 /KTRK.

In an interview with host Bob Allen, McNair shared some of his thoughts on head coach Gary Kubiak and potential forthcoming changes to the organization.

Here’s a full transcript of his interview:

(on Kubiak’s future with the team) “Well, I’ll be talking to him tomorrow. Once we conclude those discussions and do our analysis, we’ll make our decisions as to what we’re going to do going forward.”

(on if he hasn’t made up his mind yet) “I haven’t finished the process. We go through a process. We look at our coaches, we look at our players, we look at our GM and the scouts and we evaluate all of them, and we’ve started the discussions with Gary but we haven’t concluded them. So until we conclude them, we won’t make any decision.”

(on reports that he already has decided to bring back Kubiak and hire Wade Phililps as defensive coordinator) “Well, that wasn’t my decision (laughs). That was someone else’s decision. But as long as it’s my decision, it’ll be when I’m ready to make it. And we haven’t made it.”

(on if he knows how many coaches he’ll change or what changes he’ll make at this point) “No. No. We’re in the process. We don’t make a decision until we’ve analyzed all the information and come to a conclusion, and we’re in the process of doing that. And when we’ve concluded that process, I’ll make the decision. That’s what I always do.”

(on if that will be this week) “Yes.”

(on if that will be tomorrow) “Well, we have to look at coaches, we have to look at players and we have to look at personnel, what we’ve done from a personnel standpoint. And we do those things sort of one at a time. We’ll probably get through with the coaches first, and then probably the players and then we’ll be working at personnel from the standpoint of what we’ve done with our scouting department and the draft and what have you. We evaluate that every year.”

(on who “we” is) “Well, it depends on what we’re talking about. If we’re talking about evaluating the team’s performance, we do that with the coach, with the general manager, with Cal (McNair) as a vice chairman and myself, and we’ll sit down and evaluate all phases of the game. When we start looking at scouting, we do the same thing there. So even the people that we might be evaluating, they participate in the discussions.”

(on if the possible lockout will have any effect on the decisions that he makes) “No, I don’t think so. I don’t think so. But you know, people ask about it and say, ‘What are you going to do?’ But the first thing you have to do is identify the problem. You know, we did not perform the way I thought we should perform. And I’m disappointed by it and I’m upset by it; I’m not happy about it at all. We have to evaluate what we think was the basis for that record. What was the cause of it? And until you properly identify the problem, you can’t solve it. And so the first thing you do is identify the problem, and that’s the process that we’re going through, trying to determine where we have fallen short, and then we can look at what the various options are.

“And the options are, quite frankly, you can go in and you can replace all the coaches or you can replace the head coach. Well, when you do that, that’s very traumatic because then they want to come in and they want to replace all the players quite often. Sometimes, they want to replace all the scouts. On the other hand, if there’s a way to solve the problem without it being so traumatic – and if you do it in a traumatic fashion, I believe it sets you back two years. So is your situation so bad that you think there’s no other recourse and the only way you can solve it is to tear up your organization and set it back two years? That’s one consideration. And if that’s what you have to do, then fine, you do it.

“On the other hand, if you think you can isolate it and it’s not that severe, it’s like the guy going into the doctor with a headache. Is he going to give you aspirin or send you in for brain surgery? You have to determine what’s really needed under the circumstances.”

(on if he’ll make some coaching changes but retain Kubiak) “We’re going to evaluate it. I think you don’t have to be a football expert to look at our record and to look at what we’ve done. From an offensive standpoint, we’re going to be one of the top five teams. From a defensive standpoint, we’re going to be one of the bottom five teams. Clearly, there’s a problem on the defense, wouldn’t you think? So that’s the first thing you look at. OK, how can we solve this problem and do it in such a way that we can achieve success in the shortest short period of time? That’s the issue. And that’s how we deal with it.”

(parting comments) “We’re disappointed. I’m sorry. I know our fans are disappointed, and no one’s more disappointed than I am. But we came to win, we’re going to win, and we’re not going to quit until we do.”

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