Smoking Nutmeg, dangerous youth trend. Below is a report from the Oklahoma-Texas border about the trend.


SHERMAN, TX — On the heels of K2 bans across Texoma, a similar trend emerges on YouTube. Young people are smoking nutmeg and posting videos of themselves doing it on the web in yet another attempt to get a legal high. Deeda Payton reports.

While nutmeg is a popular cooking spice, local doctors say it can also act as a hallucinogen if ingested in large amounts. But, they warn too much can make you sick causing nausea, body pain, even convulsions.

This YouTube video showing a young man eating a whole bottle of nutmeg is one of hundreds about “homemade highs.” It’s part of trend that uses legal substances like items found in a pantry to reach euphoria. “I think a lot of the kids across the country when they see something on YouTube they like to try things especially when it comes to smoking something other than marijuana which they know is illegal they know it’s going to cost them money to buy it. They purchase something like nutmeg, all spice, any kind of spice you can buy at the store legally and they go out and try it. They have to consider the consequences that’s going to come a long with it,” said Sgt. Rickey Wheeler of the Grayson County Sheriff’s office explains.

Wheeler says it’s all in an attempt to get a legal high and it’s not anything new. It’s just being advertised now on the world wide web. “Do you think it’s showing kids different way to experiment with drug use? Yea, I think anytime you put something like this out there, theere are going to be those kids that see it and they’re immediately going to go ahead and try it,” said Wheeler.

Texoma students weren’t surprised to hear that their peers are using nutmeg to get high, what shocked them the most was that they are broadcasting their ventures on YouTube. “Definitely don’t think that’s a good idea. I mean especially if you’re going to do it there’s no reason to put yourself out there and put videos out there of what you’re doing while this is happening,” said Grayson County College Student, Jarrod Milner.

While it may not be smart to record yourself trying to get high, it’s also dangerous. A local neurologist warns that ingesting large amounts of nutmeg can cause nausea, body pain and even convulsions proving that even legal substances can be damaging no matter how much fun it appears to be on YouTube.

Deeda Payton, KTEN News.