More than a few people are irked by Bristol Palin‘s staying power on “Dancing with the Stars.” And one man in Wisconsin just couldn’t take it anymore. Steven Cowan, 66, was kicking back on Monday and having a few drinks while watching the show. But after this performance by Bristol, he jumped up and yelled “the f**king politics!” Then he went upstairs, got a shotgun, loaded it—and fired a round into his television set.

He then reloaded the gun and pointed it at his wife. She was able to leave the house and call the police. When police arrived, it became a stand-off situation that lasted for 15 hours. [People, Wisconsin State Journal]

I wonder how Cowan feels now after Tuesday night’s results show—if he was able to watch it in the pokey—when Bristol got enough votes to knock off Brandy and her partner, who consistently had much better scores and were a favorite to win? Brandy is obviously upset, but won’t be shooting any TVs over it. “Of course there’s some part of me that goes, ‘whoa,’ you know, ‘I can’t believe this.’ I can’t focus on that,” she says. “I have to focus on what I’ve gained and what has happened to me and how I’ve transformed into a completely different person.