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Recently 1230AM WDBZ The Buzz joined urban gospel music fans for the exciting live concert experience entitled “Come Together” based on Psalms 133:1. While celebrating some of the best in gospel music’s most coveted artists, we were able to be apart of a new type of worship event that showcased what the underground gospel scene has to offer.

In one exclusive evening built to kick off the Labor Day weekend in Cincinnati, B.A.S.I.C. Productions brought us the musical, vocal and inspiration stylings of artists such as Joel Buckner, PRAYZ1 and urban music’s best kept secret Mali Music. If you were there, you know the lineup was an incredible mix of what young people love and the older crowd is just now getting hip to.

Intimate worship at its finest, contemporary sounds and vocal arrangements, funky beats fit for extreme head nods or two plus a liberating environment – all elements of the show that took place at Tryed Stone new Beginnings Church on the evening of Saturday, September 4th.

Take a look back at what you might have missed from the opening of the Come Together experience we’re still raving about. Here’s Joel Buckner performing live and leading the audience straight into worship with a twist added to some familiar songs of this generation.