The invasion of the full body scanners has now violated the blogosphere.

A popular blogger and radio show host claims she was recently handcuffed, lectured on terrorism and yelled at for refusing to go through the intrusive security machines at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport earlier this week.

Meg McLain, who co-hosts a radio show on based in the Northeast, was the target of a random screening that went horribly wrong when she was trying to catch a flight out of the airport.

Meg McLain vs. TSA

McLain said when she refused, a woman grabbed her by the arm and started pulling her out of line, when she snatched away and began asking questions.

That’s when a dozen Broward Sheriff’s deputies and six federal Transportation Security Administration officers were called to subdue McLain, who claims all she did was refuse going through the scanners.

“It was like an army coming at me,” McLain said in a radio interview about the incident, which has been posted on “I was just scared.”

TSA would not confirm or deny handcuffing McLain but did release a statement Thurs