Sunday Best cancelled??

Mary Mary recently did a live video chat from the recording studio while working on their new CD. They fielded questions from many of their fans that ranged from writing style, to hairstyle, to tours and everything in between. One fan asked them if they were going to be doing Sunday Best again this year. What I expected to hear was that they were excited about the new season, but instead they said that BET would not be bringing Sunday Best back. What!!??? The person then asked why, and they said to call B.E.T. and ask them to bring it back. (check it out at 21:30 in the video). That is kinda sad as the show has gotten better each year and was a very much needed platform to find new gospel talent. Hopefully this is not finalized, as their has been no official word from B.E.T. I guess we will just have to wait and see. Anyway enjoy the video below in it’s entirety.

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