Jonah & the Whale is an iPhone application for those looking or a fun, clean, and easy to play game. This iPhone application is based on the horizontal jumper game genera and was thought up by me, or at least I was the idea behind the application. This iPhone kids app is easy to play, but first you have to shoot Jonah out of the whales mouth. The object now is to keep Jonah in the air as long as you can. You have lift to help by tapping on the screen (yellow meter on left of screen), but this quickly runs out unless you replenish this. How you replenish your lift is by hitting certain bubbles, animals, etc. (you will have to figure this out). But, stay away from the fish skeleton as this attribute will steal all of your lift quickly sending you into oblivion. This iPhone app has OpenFeint and Game Center online scoring. Achievements will be forthcoming