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Last year at the Living Word Fellowship, there was a sold out house to witness the “Don’t waste your life tour” that featured Lecrae, Tadashi, Sho Baraka, Flame and Trip Lee. This year it is called the “unashamed tour 2010” and it promises to be even bigger and better. This year’s line up features Lecrae, Tadashi, Sho Baraka, Trip Lee and Pro.

Inspirational Hip Hop is on the rise and it is bringing not only our youth, those of generation Y (the so-called Millennial generation born between 1980-2001) and generation Z (the so-called Net Generation born starting at 2001-2021) but it is popular among generation x (the so called forgotten generation born between 1965-1980) of which I happen to be a member. But as Isreal Houghton Sings “I am “Not Forgotten”… I don’t care what they say… Lol… But it is Gen-x that started rap music along with google, youtube, twitter; did i mention the creators of those sites are Gen-Xer’s, it’s safe to say we started the Tech revolution and much more, but being sandwiched between the boomers and their children, …. we gets no love, I am going to write a blog on it soon…..ahh! I digress… lol… But I am glad that the younger generation is carrying the message of Christ using it as a Vehicle. Most of the demo age 24-54 grew up on rap, so to God be the glory, now we can show our kids that there is good holy rap to be found.

More details on the Oct. 22nd event coming soon!