It is challenging to make meals at home for two that are fun, delicious and restaurant quality, but no one can eat out every night without breaking the bank. Having restaurant-inspired meals at home brings the fun to you in a budget-friendly, exciting new way without ever leaving home. 

Here are some ways to have delicious restaurant meals at home while making time for your significant other:

Make a Date. Pick a night of the week and set it aside as date night. No appointments, no meetings with friends, and no distractions (like phones or emails). Clearing the schedule and making time for your spouse a priority communicates just how important it is.

Restaurant Meals Delivered to Your Door. Give the cook the night off and enjoy the great taste of take-out without ever leaving home thanks to Schwan’s Home Service. Award-winning chef Jet Tila, master of Asian-fusion cuisine, has a new line of frozen meals that are ready to serve in 30 minutes or less, and use a new patented steam technology to lock in the nutrients, quality and taste of the food. Available exclusively through Schwan’s Home Service, you can enjoy traditionally-inspired Asian cuisine for less than you could spend on a meal out. Chef Jet’s restaurant-quality Asian meals are “flash frozen” to lock in great taste.

Plan a Picnic. Pack up a picnic basket with a restaurant-inspired dinner and get some good wine or soft drinks. Grab a blanket, some candles and music and you have the makings for a sweet and simple dinner in the back yard. And if the weather’s not cooperating, dim the lights inside and set up your picnic in the living room.

Have a Movie-Themed Meal. What’s on your must-see list that you can rent or stream? “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”? Try Salmon Teriyaki or Chicken Lo Mein. Feeling Italian? Try watching “Roman Holiday” and serving Six Cheese Tortellini or Pasta Primavera. The possibilities are endless with Schwan’s Home Service – have fun matching up your favorite flicks with delicious dinners.


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