By Jay Busbee


So you think NASCAR pit crews are fast? You think changing four tires and gassing up a car in 13 seconds is a big deal? Pshaw, I say. No, I see your pit crew, and I raise you these soldiers, who can strip a Jeep down to its lug nuts, and then — here’s the tricky part — rebuild it from the ground up in just four minutes:

Sweet, huh? Obviously, a Jeep isn’t your high-tech computer-controlled luxury vehicle, but even so, that’s some serious engineering and some fine choreography. All of which goes to prove exactly what I’ve always said: NASCAR pit crews are overpaid prima donnas.*

Some backstory: These gentlemen are Canadian Army, part of the 3 Area Support Group Technical Services Division, and apparently had a lot of time on their hands while at Canadian Forces Base Gagetown in New Brunswick. This performance was part of an army services parade in Halifax. Impressive.

*-I’ve never said that. Kidding, pit crews. Don’t come at me with the catch can, please.