Houston – Conference USA commissioner Britton Banowsky told FOX 26 Sports a meeting he had last week with Mountain West Commissioner Craig Thompson included discussion of an idea that the two league champions could meet in a future game that would provide the winner with an automatic spot in the Bowl Championship Series.

“This is more than just talking about conference realignment,” Banowsky said. “This is about two healthy conferences trying to get healthier.

“We are very interested in the idea of having our champion play their champion for a BCS AQ (automatic qualifier)spot. That’s the concept, but a lot has to go before that (can happen) including the two conferences getting together and seeing if this is the way we want to go. It makes sense on a variety of levels.”

Banowsky cautioned that this is an idea that is on the table open for discussion, nothing has happened beyond that.

“It’s a long-term strategic idea,” Banowsky said. “Nothing is imminent.”

Should the two conferences decide to go forward with this idea officials with the Bowl Championship Series would have to give their approval.

The University of Houston and Rice University are members of Conference USA.

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