Stop for 60 seconds and think about your current relationships. How many of your Facebook friends do you really know personally? How many members of your church family do you feel comfortable enough with to pray for or pray with outside of the four walls of your church? Why do so many people feel so much more increasingly disconnected from deep and rewarding relationships?

Not an easy set of questions to answer right? Best selling authors and ministry leaders Kerry and Chris Shook and their 20,000+ members at the Woodlands Church just outside of Houston, Texas are planning to answer those questions and examine their impact on spirituality and the fundamental relationships built through spirituality in today’s society. How are they doing this? Easy – the National Facebook Fast, a movement intended to disconnect from all social media and any form of electronic communication. These are all methods of communication that sometimes hinder, destroy or eliminate ample time to build stronger and healthier relationships with family, friends and even God.

The Shooks will embark on that communication cleansing with their congregation and others across the nation who plan to participate all on next Wednesday, August 25th and spend the day creating and nurturing face-to-face relationships. The couple wants to be sure that people don’t think they are “bashing technology.” Instead, this is merely a challenge beyond spiritual nature. It is a call for the world to get back to what’s important – treating one another the right way. Read more about how they’re pulling it all off by visit today.

Best-selling authors Kerry & Chris Shook, ministry leaders at The Woodlands Church in Houston, TX.

Will you participate in the August 25th National Facebook Fast all day long next week? If so, tell us now what you plan to cut out of your daily digest of digital communication. Will it be Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, BlackPlanet, texting, emailing, cellular usage or will it be all of the above?

How do you feel about all of this anyway? Do you believe the fast from technology and communication will actually impact the way we view and develop relationships? Be honest and let us know how often you depend on these devices and software to communicate whether it’s business or leisure. We want to hear from you and find out how many of you will be fasting along with us.