When Spike Lee speaks people listen. The folks doing the listening are the journalists tasking part in the Television Critics Association confab being held in LA.

He’s outraged and says the U.S. government report that 75 percent of the spilled Gulf Coast oil is gone is a ‘lie.” Saturday, Lee told journalists that they should expose what he called the real story.

He argued that it’s unlikely that “abracadabra, presto chango” the vast majority of the oil has vanished from Gulf of Mexico waters and coastal wetlands.

Federal scientists said last week that nearly three-quarters of the oil has been removed by various artificial or natural means, but that the spill’s effect on wildlife will long continue.

Lee was promoting his new documentary about New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

“If God is Willing and Da Creek Don’t Rise,” a follow-up to his 2006 film about the hurricane, debuts Aug. 23 and 24 on HBO.