Actor Laurence Fishburne, famous for such movies as “What’s Love Got to do with it”, “Boyz in the Hood” and “The Matrix” has daughter drama.

Reports have surfaced recently that she starred in a film that is, ahh let’s just say, it’s a film that is a parents worst nightmare. In addition to that court records show that she has a prior arrest for soliciting prostitution. This is heartbreaking news to her father who is said to be beyond disappointed. The saddest thing of all is, she cited Kim Kardashian as her inspiration to do the movie, saying that it made kim a star and believed it could do the same for her. Is this what our world is coming to??? sigh……

The reason for this post, as a christian, is for us to pray for Laurence and his daughter. This is a very sad situation and speaks to some underlying breakdown in the family. Let’s pray for them saints!