Most of us have very demanding personal schedules and we often forget to pencil in some time for the girls. Texting or emailing each other doesn’t count as quality time. Take advantage of an upcoming weekend and get away from the stress of work, kids, or just life in general. Catch up, laugh, cry, and create new memories. If you and your girlfriends have a sentimental place, go there for a few days. If not, go and explore what the world has to offer.

Plan ahead

If you don’t already have an idea of where you and the girls are going, it’s time to start planning. Whether you’re going overseas or just across town, it’s cheaper to make your travel arrangements ahead of time. It’s important to be considerate of everyone’s ideas and make a unanimous decision on the destination. Planning the weekend’s activities is great, but just going with the flow works, too.

Let go of the gadgets

Like most of us, you’re probably attached to your cell phone, laptop and iPod. This weekend is for you and your girls to venture about, without distractions. They deserve your undivided attention just as much as you deserve theirs. If you must bring the gadgets, be sure to monitor and limit your usage.

You are your sister’s keeper

Supporting your sister is one of the most important rules in a friendship, knowing her whereabouts is the number one rule while on vacation. Although cell phones are a no-no, everyone needs to keep an eye on their fellow sister. With each other’s cell numbers saved, you’ll be prepared for any unexpected event. It’s everyone’s responsibility to know where a sister is going, who she’s going with and that she’ll be safe if she leaves the group.

Let loose and have fun

Your girlfriends are your girlfriends because they have qualities that you admire and they have your best interest in mind. Step out of your comfort zone with the women you trust. Go dancing, swimming, to the spa, or just lay on the beach. Whatever will help you relax and have fun, just do it!

Uwingablye Cunningham