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A British home owner who called police when an intruder was spotted climbing into an open window in his house, had a rude awakening when he discovered the burglar was still hiding under his bed.

According to the Telegraph newspaper, Adam Magee was given the “all clear” by the police officers that had searched the premises.

But, after he climbed into his bed for the night, he heard a noise coming from below him and jumped out of bed only to find the intruder climbing out from underneath his bed.

The 30-year-old man wrestled with the burglar until police returned, resulting in the thief receiving a three-and-a-half year jail sentence after confessing to the May 4 incident.

“I was just lying there when I heard a noise to the left of me,” said Magee, an unemployed scaffolder. “I looked across and saw a guy shuffling himself out from under my bed. It was awful and I did feel a bit scared.”

Luckily for Magee, according to Hartlepool Mail , his housemate was home and rushed downstairs to call the cops again, which were still in the area.

“It was all a bit surreal,” he said. “He rushed towards me and tried to get out of the door, but I grabbed him and opened the door and we just started to wrestle.”

Since the ordeal, Magee told the Hartlepool Mail he has had difficulty sleeping: “He did look like a druggie … I’m just glad the police got him and they were so close by.”

The judge who handled the case, Peter Bowers, advised when handing down the sentence: “The burglary was the worst type, you have a confrontation, an argument and a fight.”

The criminal had also admitted to previous crimes, including stealing credit cards and robbing a store before his latest crime.