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The kids are home for the summer and are you wondering what to do? They need to stay busy and you need peace of mind. Here are some great activities to keep them occupied and some for you too!

The Beach or the pool

The beach is always a fun place to explore with the kids. Looking for seashells are some of my kids favorite pass times. Digging sand castles and just plain ol’ swimming in the ocean are enough to have fun in the sun! Live in-land, no problem! Find a community pool or your neighborhood YMCA. Poolside with a book and or a good ol’ game of Marco Polo, are some fun things to enjoy!

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Water Balloons

Don’t feel like making a trip to the pool but still need to cool off. There is no party like a water balloon party! Split up into team and bombs away!!!! Add water guns and a hose to create more water fun!


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