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Effective June 1, Texting Ban Will Be Enforced

On Tuesday, June 1, it’s officially time out for texting while driving in Missouri City. As the Memorial Day weekend approaches, the Police Department wants to remind motorists that the ban is days away from being enforced.

The texting ordinance passed by City Council on Feb. 15 specifies that:

*Motorists cannot use a wireless communication device to view, send or compose an electronic message while driving and while stopped at stop signs and traffic signals.

*Exceptions are allowed in the event of an emergency, or when a motorist is pulled over safely to the side of the road.

*Motorists may talk on a cell phone while driving.

*Motorists can be fined up to $500 for a violation.

Similar bans have been implemented nationwide and across Texas. Regionally, Dallas, Austin, Galveston, West University Place and several smaller municipalities have banned drivers’ use of cell phones without hands-free devices and text messaging in school zones. And the State Legislature passed two new laws: one banning teen drivers from using cell phones and text messaging devices; the other prohibiting drivers from using handheld cell phones in school crossing zones

The City has posted “No Texts Emails or Apps While Driving” signs in the following areas:

Southbound on Texas Parkway

South Gessner

Eastbound and Westbound on Main Street (90A)

Murphy Road (FM 1092)

Lake Olympia

Northbound and Southbound on State Highway 6

Oilfield Road South

South University