Inking a contract with Arkansas State University, cemented Lexy Harris as the first female basketball player to receive a full college scholarship in Dekaney’s school history.

“For her to be the first female athlete to get that type of scholarship at the school is a big accomplishment,” said Dekaney coach Stacey Stroman. “It is a lot of work and she understands what is ahead of her. She is not just going to have fun playing, she know it is a job now.”

Harris is also dedicated in the classroom. She finished 32 overall in her class with a 4.4 GPA.

“It feels great to get my college paid for,” said Harris, who will major in business finance. “I don’t have to stress my parents out about how they are going to pay for my tuition and where I will be going.”

Stroman hopes to have taught Harris enough about the game so that she is not shocked by the difference of college play.

“Hopefully, when she gets there she will see the stuff that we’ve done and things that we stressed here on a daily basis help her and make her game better,” Stroman said. “I think we do a good job of preparing kids to have the opportunity to play at the next level.”

Harris averaged more than 12 points and nearly 10 rebounds per game last season. Matching up with players on the next level shouldn’t be an issue for Harris, Stroman said.

“She’s very athletic. She’s a great rebounder. She’s 6’1” and can guard a 5’6” guard of a 6’3” post player. I think her flexibility in that area is going to help her,” Stroman said.

As the first female player in school history sent off to play college basketball, Stroman wants her to remember what it means to be a Lady Wildcat.

“It’s not a job at our level,” Stroman added. “I think she enjoyed her teammates and the season we had. I’m hoping she looks back at being at Dekaney as a memorable experience for her.”

Harris was considered a late signing. Running track and playing volleyball along with basketball in her early high school career, Harris just recently appeared on scouts’ radar.

“In the AAU circuit, she kind of got overlooked when she was younger and that’s why it took this longer for people to take interest in her,” Stroman said. “But she put a lot of effort into getting noticed in the last couple of years in high school.”

Harris just got home from a basketball tournament in Dallas when she received the call.

“It felt wonderful to be offered a scholarship,” Harris said. “I was like ‘Finally someone has noticed me.’”

Congratulations Lexy great job mom and dad thank you for putting the work in and raising a well rounded young lady.

 By:  Klevin Koloian

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