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A mother accused in the death of her two-month-old baby did not appear in court this morning. She’s undergoing mental evaluation. But prosecutors did read the charge against Narjes Modarresi in a probable cause hearing.

Modarresi had claimed that a man took her child from a stroller in Briarbend Park on Wednesday, but police say that turned out to be a lie after she led police to the baby’s body near a bayou just hours after the claim. During a hearing this morning, prosecutors say the cause of death for two-month-old Masih Golabbakhsh was asphyxiation. They say water was found in the baby’s lungs, stomach and airway, and that the medical examiner concluded that baby was alive prior to being placed face down in the muddy water.

They went on to say mud was found on Modarresi’s clothes consistent with mud at the scene where the baby was discovered face down in the shallow pool of water.

Capital murder charges were filed last night against Modarresi. She was moved from a hospital and into police custody, where she was being held without bond.

The 27-year-old mother told police Wednesday an African-American male with a tattoo on his arm had taken her child. She gave a full description, but hours later police say she admitted that suspect did not exist, and her whole story was a lie.

Detectives say she confessed that she had buried the baby’s body near the bayou and led them to the spot.

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