A Californian dog lover has built a  mansion with its own garden and picket fence for her pampered pooches.

 Modelled on owner Tammy Kassis’s own home, it boasts a television, vaulted ceilings and air conditioning plus wallpaper and hand-made curtains.

Her three dogs, Darla, Chelsea and Coco Puff, even have their own designer doggy beds if they don’t fancy the lawn.

Tammy, 47, said: “My dogs are my life.”

The former insurance exec, from LA, decided to give the dogs their own house after Coco Puff was almost kidnapped by an owl.

She had the impressive 11-foot high pile built by specialist Alan Mowrer’s firm, La Petite Maison, which builds deluxe kennels.

She spent $20,000 on the project and had to hire a 45-ton crane to lift it when she moved house to Winchester, California.

Other accessories include ceiling fans, heating and blinds for the windows.

Tammy added: “My mother buys them most of the outfits – she treats them like they’re grandchildren.”