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Written by Ingrid Michelle for

No where in the Bible does God ever say that He will “humble” you…at least I don’t think.  There is reference to Moses reminding the children of Israel of their stint in the desert – that He (the Lord) would humble them but most every other references is that of the individual humbling themselves in the sight of God or man for that matter.  Humility is an act of the will.  It is literally something that you do, its a decision.  It’s active.  So I contend that fasting is the ultimate act of humility.

To humble yourself is to offer deference, to make yourself lowly – no arrogance, stripping all haughtiness from the equation.  And fasting is the ultimate means.  When you fast, you deny yourself the one thing that most people claim they can’t do without – food.  You ignore what you want for the sake of completing a specific work for God.  Fasting isn’t doing without music or your favorite television program.  It isn’t deciding not to go to the club or abstaining from Nintendo Wii.  It is literally denying yourself a meal or two – and not just for dietary purposes BUT to get some work done in the spirit realm.

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