A San Diego man is hoping to turn his love of baseball from cardboard to cash so that he can buy his fiancée a house.

AOL News reports that retired firefighter Clyde Bone, 57, has been collecting baseball cards since 1956. He owns more than 28 Mickey Mantle cards from 1962, the most valuable worth about $600.

The collection is valued at more than $500,000. If he’s successful, he’ll use the money to buy a home for him and his beloved Deb.

Bone’s ad on Craigslist reads “Trade … 50yrs of collecting … for home in San Diego County.”

He states that he “will trade for home of much lesser value” or possibly trade for equity in a home while paying the remaining balance.

“I will consider all offers, even possibly fixers,” he states. “This is a considerably large collection, in both physical and financial (possibly $500K), size. Please be serious when contacting, as I promise not to waste your time.”

The Cardboard Connection , a hobbyist Web site, reports that his only requirement is that the house has a nice scenic view.

According to the Web site, Bone is a retired San Diego firefighter who once helped coach baseball for a local college. He was also a scout for the Toronto Blue Jays and worked as the equipment manager for the San Diego Padres in 1989. He ran a sports card shop from 1990-93.

Cardboard Connection states that Bone, a divorced father of three, had gotten back in touch with the old flame from junior high school and is now engaged to be married.

He has had responses but nothing has paid off yet.