Singapore bans chewing gum

Littering is still prevalent here – despite increased education and enforcement – and hence the ban on the sale of chewing gum cannot be lifted, Parliamentary Secretary (National Development) Mohamed Maliki Osman told the House.

Chewing gum was banned in 1992 due to problems such as vandalism and service disruptions caused by gum stuck between train doors.

The Government is “concerned” that lifting the ban could lead to the problem resurfacing “and undermine our ongoing efforts to curb littering”.

Responding to MP Denise Phua’s suggestion that the ban be lifted as detractors remember Singapore for it, Dr Maliki said: “Our efforts at keeping a clean, green and safe living environment have garnered much more international acclaim than the ban on chewing gum.” Ong Dai Lin

Now check this out: punishment for even minor crimes such as vandalism in Singapore can include caning.

And drug smugglers are often hanged there.

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