WOW! Happy Tuesday Saints!

As I looked through Headlines today, this jumped right out at me!

Remember where you were during the “O.J Chase”… Remember the trial? Hard to believe that this took place 16 years ago right. Well O.J still making headlines despite being in prison. This time..HIS Acquittal Attire!!!! Yes The Outfit he wore in court!

O.J. Simpson agreed to let the suit he wore when he was acquitted of murder be donated to the Smithsonian, but an unnamed spokesman says that it will likely pass on the disgraced football great’s duds.

The suit, shirt and tie Simpson wore when he was acquitted in 1995 has been at the center of a dispute Ron Goldman’s dad (Fred) and Mike Gilbert(former sports agent for simpson). 1st, I dont understand why Mr. Goldman would even want the suit. To me it’s been about simpsons money from the start but they have been fighting over the suit for over 10 yrs. Goldman says its part of his crusade to get Simpson to satisfy the $33.5 million civil judgment for the wrongful death of his Ron and Simpson’s ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson. To me again it’s about money.

Gilbert suggested donating the suit, and Simpson, serving time in a Nevada prison for robbery and kidnapping, agreed, provided no one would financially benefit.

“It’s part of American history,” Gilbert said after a judge okayed the donation on Monday. “People should be able to see it and reflect on what went so wrong for someone who had everything.”

At the Smithsonian, the suit would undergo a couple of review processes, but the spokesperson does not believe the institution would accept it.

I feel like it’s defiently apart of American history becasue that trial changed the way major court cases are handled and hope they accept it at the smithsonian what do you think?

Here are some clips of the suits that will re-visit the trial.