A male elephant ran amok at a lavish wedding ceremony in India, damaging 20 cars and a police jeep and causing $303,000 worth of damage, it emerged Monday.

The elephant, one of three hired for the wedding reception of two politicians’ children in New Delhi, went on the rampage after trying to reach an in-heat female elephant.

According to Bangkok-based Thaindian News, the elephant turned violent at around 10:30 p.m. local time last Wednesday, charging a lawn full of wedding guests before flipping over about 20 cars in a nearby parking lot.

The lustful jumbo was finally brought under control by a tranquilizer around six hours later, after ramming a police truck and narrowly avoiding injuring two officers within.

“The elephant was in ‘mast’ (in rutting stage). It happens once a year and in normal course, it kills its mahout (elephant rider) but in this case, he escaped at the very beginning, leaving the elephant abandoned,” a spokesman for the Wildlife Trust of India said.