SEALY, Texas – Standing side-by-side in Sealy City Hall Wednesday night, city council candidates Mark Stolarski and Wyn McCready put their political platforms aside and let their future be decided with one roll of three dice.

The rules were simple: The highest score wins the election.

“We’re going down in history, it’s a first for Sealy,” said Stolarski.

So how did it get to this point? The men were the top two vote-getters in January’s special election and they tied in the run-off election. Each candidate received 168 votes.

State election code says the candidates should draw lots, with cards or dominoes to break the tie.

But Sealy Mayor Nick Tirey chose dice.

“This way the fate is in their hands,” he said.

While Stolarski says he’s just having fun with the situation, McCready said he thought there should be another run-off.

“I’m disappointed, disappointed it had to come down to this,” said McCready.

Just after 6pm Wednesday, the candidates grabbed their dice in council chambers and went for the win. Stolarski rolled a 12 and McCready ended up with just 9.

So, just like that, Stolarski was sworn in and took his seat at city council along with his 3 lucky souvenirs. It was a 6, a 4, and a 2.

‘What are you going to do with them?’ I don’t know, go to Vegas,” he said with a chuckle.

With just a 10-percent turnout in the run-off election, the mayor says this situation highlights, more than ever, that “every vote counts.”