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HOUSTON – When a plane slammed full-throttle into the building in Austin, it was a man who happened to be driving by with a ladder who came to the rescue.

What if next time it’s you caught in the chaos? Would you know how to save yourself or someone else?

Do you believe you could save someone if you had to?

“I do. I do. I do” says 75 year old Georgia Jackson with a smile.

Jackson and her 79 year old husband John have been taking part in Harris County’s “Community Emergency Response Teams” for years.

The program trains neighborhood and even church groups.

In other words, it teaches everyday citizens what to do in emergencies to help police and firefighters.

“To have thousands of trained people that can take care of the neighborhood and respond is so important” says Harris County Judge Ed Emmett.

The teams practice emergencies such as rescuing someone from a burning building and freeing someone who’s trapped.

“You never leave your partner. You work together as a team. Even if it’s two of you. Never let them get out of arms reach” says 79 year old John B. Jackson.

Jackson is part of the Senior Citizens in the Sunnyside community who are longtime C.E.R.T. team members.

Les Hall is from the Community Emergency Response Team in Dallas.

“One thing we learned is the aspect of team work. All of the team members have to understand their part”.

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