HOUSTON—It’s not just the weather bringing people down at Fort Bend Baptist Academy.  It’s the talk.  Not over high school heartbreaks and who’s dating who, but instead who is writing what on Facebook.

“I was upset, but you have to be forgiving,” said one Fort Bend Baptist Academy student.

“Honestly, I thought it was shocking because some of those kids are people we know and it was hurtful to our people,” said Jesse Uduma another Fort Bend Baptist Academy student.  “Even if it was a joke, it was not something to joke about.”

The school superintendent says nine students posted racially inflammatory comments on Facebook. He said he believes most of the pages have been taken down, but some said the damage has already been done.

“What we’ve heard from our African American students is that there’s a sense of betrayal that comments can be made by people they deemed as their friends,” said Norm Slosted, Fort Bend Baptist Academy’s Superintendent. Read more…