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Let’s face it: we’re a time starved nation. We like to multi-task, eat fast and stay up late (um, why do you think the Conan-Leno debate was so huge?) – which is why many of us are bleary-eyed as we drag ourselves into the office for another day of work.

Sooner or later, we all need a recharge…and sometimes our shut-eye at night just doesn’t cut it. While our bosses might be able to draw the blinds, shut the office door for a bit and grab some zzz’s unbeknownst to us, it’s not that easy to take a take a nap in a cube.

So, until siestas get popular in the states or MetroNaps opens a location near you, the only other alternative is to get sleepy on the job. Even if it means your coworkers take video of it and post it to YouTube. Here are some of the ways our fellow colleagues have logged some snoozes on the clock.

Head Bobber – At Least This Guy Isn’t Driving A Car

Can You Hear Me Now? Snoring Isn’t Exactly A Sly Way To Sleep

Didn’t Mom Ever Tell You It Isn’t Nice To Sleep On The Job With Your Mouth Open?

And Yes, Your Co-Workers Will Wake You Up (Not In A Nice Way)

Finally, Take Note – Even The Boss Needs A Little R&R