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Sacred space is not just a space in which you pray. It is a space that is your time out for you.

 We spend a great deal of time running around making space and time for everything else but rarely make time for ourselves to just sit and mentally clear out. Each of us should have some space that is entirely ours that we can meditate and reflect in. Meditation does not mean just prayer it often means review and processing time.

If you don’t have such a space you should consider creating one.

Step 1– Create a non cluttered space that is exclusively yours. If you live in a small apartment you can use a chair that is near an uncluttered space. My mother in her later years took to meditating in a chair in her bedroom near a window. I would often see her sit there calmly in the early morning just staring out the window. It was proof that you can make a space that is only yours.

Step 2 -What will you do with your sacred time? What is the topic of your meditation? You can use it as a time to write your thoughts and goals down in your Journal. A journal is a wonderful history and record of what you are thinking and planning.

Step 3 – Think about an issue that you are handling and calmly work it out. If you are using it as prayer time reflect on scripture readings, then take your time. I use my meditation time for novenas and rosaries.

Step 4– Set this aside regularly. You will begin to look forward to your alone time.

If you incorporate this into your regular routine – Hopefully, you are completely refreshed after your sacred space time. The Sacred Space is just that, a sacred area that you call just your own.  It is a place of extreme comfort and personal reflection.

If you need a book to start you out , I reviewed a great book, Yolanda Adams “Points of Power”.  It will help you get into a routine.

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