‘Innocent until proven guilty’ is not a presumption British Airlines is willing to make when it comes to sex offenders. The airline does not allow minors to be seated next to unfamiliar adult males, and now one man is accusing the airline of branding all men as sexual predators.

“I was made to feel like a criminal in front of other passengers. It was totally humiliating,” said 33-year-old business man Mirko Fischer to the UK’s Daily Mail on January 16th. Fischer says he was insulted when forced to separate from his 6-month-pregnant wife after being sandwiched between her and a 12-year-old boy.

The airline has a policy that children are not allowed to sit next to grown men who are strangers to them. British Airways cabin crew check the aisles before departure, ensuring unaccompanied children are not seated next to a man they do not know. Even if the child’s parents are elsewhere on the plane, seats must be rearranged before takeoff.

When Fischer’s pregnant wife chose to sit in the window seat to be more comfortable, Fischer took the middle seat. After a young boy was seated on the aisle, a male steward took note and asked Fischer to move. When Fischer refused, the employee raised his voice, causing several alarmed passengers to turn around and gawk.

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