Bushiwick Bill of Geto Boys fame releases a gospel project that he spoke of three years ago on a whim. I know bushwick personally and have worked with him during my early days as a music producer as a part of the Geto Boys as well as a solo artist. His new CD “Testimony of redemption” is due Dec. 1st.

Some of you may know me by my producer moniker, Crazy C. God has delivered me from a lot and I pray that what God is doing in Bushwick’s life is sustained. We must pray and love those who come from secular backgrounds into the kingdom as well as disciple them into the christian way of life. I know there are those who will see the video below and immediately dismiss it as a washed up rapper who now wants to come to Christ or condemn him in some other manner.

What I pray is that we see a soul in need and pray. God desires non of us to be lost, he loves the least, the poor and the down. Look at Luke 18:9-14, the pharasee thought that his praise, tithes, fasting and self righteousness was great in God’s sight, but the tax collector was honest with himself and humble as he said while looking to the ground, “Lord have mercy on me, A sinner”. Jesus said that the tax collector, a sinner, was the one who was justified and not the self righteous pharasee..

Whew! I don’t know why i wrote that… Lol.. Yes, I do.. Someone reading this needed it. Praise God, whoever you are, get your forgiveness and go on with love in your heart for all. Let God do the judging.. Well anyway..

Check out the video and leave some comments:

New CD due dec. 1st 2009

New CD due dec. 1st 2009


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