The first lady turns 46 today, and there are rumors that the world’s frumpiest diva will perform for her.

Nearly a year ago, Michelle Obama became first lady, and ever since she’s been hopping the globe, championing good causes and gracing magazine covers. Let’s peek at her public — and private — life.

How popular is she? Let the polls speak.

She’s 40th on the world’s most powerful women list (just ahead of her very famous friend).

Obama tried to clinch an Olympics deal (watch her tout her hometown) and offered support to these families.

She became emotional introducing her project for high school girls.

A little plot of the South Lawn blossomed into a visit to “Sesame Street” (watch her) and brought “Iron Chefs” to the White House. Unfortunately, they sparked a veggie scandal.

It’s all about healthy eating, so this issue is her top priority for 2010.

Across the pond, a little hug became cause for chatter, and a friendly first lady fashion smackdown got attention. Check out the pictures.

Which magazine covers has she been on? Count ’em up. And how funny was this 10 questions bit on Jay Leno’s show?

Test your Michelle Obama fashion knowledge:

1. What’s her latest fashion splash? This.

2. Who’s her sartorial guru? This woman.

3. What obscure designers does she wear? These.

4. What was wrong with these sneakers? The price tag.

Sometimes she goes on romantic dates. He’s her favorite musician.

If you did this, you’d have her guns, too.

Poop duty? Or just some plain old fun? And yes, the whole family donned the plastic glasses for this.